Vancouver-based data scientist, editor

Currently looking for data analytics or language-based opportunities.

About Me


Data Analyst

My passion for data lies in its ability to use the past to predict the future. I have a solid understanding of statistical modelling and learning, and constantly strive to improve the accuracy. I am especially interested in using supervised learning to optimize the final prediction.

Notebook and pen

Proofreader and Editor

My love for English literature and rhetoric was developed over my undergrad at the University of British Columbia, where I honed my literary prowess through a second major in English. I have experience in writing and editing both research and literary compositions. 

Helping Hand

Team Player

With over 7 years of work experience in jobs ranging from retail to law enforcement, I am used to being surrounded by colleagues and strangers. I always aim to maximize the comfort and efficiency of the team, and am always looking to improve my interpersonal skills.

Work Experience

Junior Data Analyst, Developer

Sep. 2019 - Apr. 2020​

STEMCELL Technologies

  • Worked individually in implementing web applications using OutSystems platform and SQL to optimize the supply ordering process for the Vancouver office, minimizing waste and shortages in the laboratory

  • Communicated with clients and planned and developed applications based on client requirements and needs

  • Processed and visualized research data using techniques such as Winsorization, clustering, and random forests to understand data relationships, effectively identifying indicator variables in predicting cyber attacks 

Student Border Services Officer

Apr. 2018 - Sep. 2019

Canada Border Services Agency

  • Determined the admissibility of traveler and goods that are to enter Canada based on declaration, travel history, routing, and verbal, behavioural, and physical indicators

  • Weighed information based on relevancy, using analytical thinking to make justifiable judgements quickly and efficiently while under pressure and time constraints

  • Performed translational duties during examinations for travellers not fluent in English

Journal Editor

May. 2017 - Present

Jiangsu University

  • Review and edit stylistics and grammar of lab reports based on data provided by clients to be sub to be submitted to Chinese and international scientific journals

  • Edit and correct thesis and scientific papers of professors and researchers to ensure quality and sophistication in writing 

Personal Projects

M5 Forecasting Competition

May. 2020

  • Grouped five years of daily Walmart item prices data into statistically significant categories to be used in training set 

  • Utilized MA and ARIMA models to combat seasonality to predict future item prices

House Prices Regression Competition

Apr. 2020

  • Organized data and performed factor transformations to better reflect variables influencing house prices 

  • Compared and contrasted accuracy of randomForest linear regression models through cross-validation, placing in the top 40 percentile. 

Scotiabank Risk Analysis Competition

Feb. 2019

  • Predicted economic fluctuations using stress data, placing first based on accuracy

  • Cleaned 20 years of Canadian and US macroeconomics data and 30 years of interest rates and credit data spread

  • Identified significant variables using LASSO, regression, and elastic net models

  • Verified accuracy of model through cross-validation and minimizing RMSE and MSPE

Writing Samples

Economic depression has life-changing effects on the entire population, and may happen without warning. This report outlines the prediction and analysis of stimulated macroeconomic data provided by Scotiabank during their Risk Analysis competition held at UBC in February, 2019. We attempted to forecast the next depression based on the trends of 20 variables. This report was a collaborate effort of the four authors, and received first place in the competition. 

The honey bee is a major part of our ecosystem, and its declining population is a threat to global agriculture. This short research paper explores the results of various field experiments studying the effect of neonicotinoids on bees and colony collapse disorder. This paper was nominated for the First Year English Award at the University of British Columbia in 2015. 

This literary paper analyzes Dionne Brand's What We All Long For through an objective lens. As a Chinese-born Canadian, I am particularly fascinated by Canadian literature, particularly of the Asian Diaspora.